Prefabricated bathroom pod guide

Prefabricated bathroom pods: which ones to choose and why

Prefabricated Bathroom Pod Guide

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Prefabricated Bathroom Pod Guide

  • Save time
  • Keep budget
  • Simplify the building site

Among the new construction techniques, the prefabrication is one of the key elements that allows new constructions to speed up lead times on site and reduce production costs.

Modular bathrooms, kitchens and the combined version with bathroom and kitchen are ideal for new constructions such as hotels, large residential buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, student accommodations and penitentiaries.

We have created this guide to help investors, construction companies and architects choose consciously the prefabricated pod that best adapts to the ever-changing construction and design challenges.
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Answers to the most frequently asked questions

In our guide you will find the 13 most frequently asked technical questions including: the weight difference between pods in concrete and pods in galvanized metal, dimensions and thicknesses, parameters that have an influence on the price, quality of finishes and details on transportation.


who want to simplify the building site while reducing lead times and costs.


who want to put their investment in reliable hands and shorten building lead times.


who want their design to characterize the environments while making sure that the project budget is kept.