Advantages of modular bathrooms
Features and advantages of modular bathrooms

Smart, quick to install, practical and on a par with the most famous international design brands

Modular bathrooms are a smart, simple and cost-effective choice for saving time and money.
They also offer designers and investors complete design freedom,
depending on the style of the finished building.

Why choose modular bathrooms

The bathroom or kitchen fits easily into the available space on site. The modularity of MONOLITE® makes a job that was previously complex and labour-intensive very simple. The bathroom or kitchen pod arrives at the building site ready in every detail, all you need to do is hook it up to the services.

While you are dealing with the foundation, we are already building the bathrooms and kitchens.

The delivery deadlines are defined when the contract is signed and the modular pods will be delivered to the construction site just-in-time, ready to be installed and put into use.


This is not just a modular pod, it is a genuine solution to project management: less labour, fewer suppliers to coordinate, zero unforeseen costs, zero waste disposal charges.

After-sales service

We are there for you during all phases of the project, even after the modules have been installed: we offer prompt after-sales support and a 10-year liability insurance covering any product defects or damages.

Quality and uniformity

We use unique construction systems (Monobuild and Drystep) when manufacturing the pod structure and strictly monitor the quality of each pod. Every module is supplied with its own quality control documentation and is fully compliant with the current norms.

Price and economy

Thanks to a fixed price budget planning is simplified and hidden costs on site are avoided. The time saved using prefabricated pods means higher profits. Continuous investments in research and development throughout our 40+ years have allowed us to optimize our construction systems and develop solid relations with our suppliers to provide our clients with the best possible price.  

flexibility and reliability

The customization possibilities of bathroom pods are endless and thanks to an industrialised, indoor production factory-made bathroom pods maintain same high quality from the first to the last pod and are technically compliant and bespoke in every detail.

Our distinguishing traits of flexibility, efficiency and reliability are deeply ingrained in our professional staff. They are the true pillars of a company that has successfully delivered more than 60,000 bathrooms in 20 countries worldwide for more than 40 years.

Advantages of modular bathrooms

why choose eurocomponents

Advantages of modular bathrooms
We offer linearity
From design to installation, the process for manufacturing MONOLITE® modules is tried and tested after years of experience. Our mission is to overcome the problems that typically crop up on building sites.
Advantages of modular bathrooms
We work with a spirit of adaptability
We mass produce but are very far from being standard: every project is unique, technically and aesthetically. We coined the term “customised mass production”. We adapt to project needs, and our experience counts when giving advice.
Advantages of modular bathrooms
We are fanatical about detail
The finishing of each module is handcrafted, because we preferred to leave the tiling, the installation of accessories and everything else that gives a bathroom its own unique identity to the experts. Punctual delivery is another detail that sets us apart in the industry.
Advantages of modular bathrooms
We plan for sustainability

By choosing certified suppliers, using renewable energies and ensuring a clean production process, we respect the environment but still keep production costs down.

We also have a sound international presence: more than 40 years of experience with leading names in Italy, Europe and worldwide.


Luxury is a matter of choice and Eurocomponents allows you plenty of choice when it comes to finishes, depending on the setting, the design and your taste.

The special features that define the personality of designer modular bathrooms include designer taps and accessories embellished with motifs such as the Versace logo, stripped-back models to complement the minimalist approach of international architects, and special wall coverings such as fibreglass wallpaper or Carrara marble. Our team will help you understand the expectations of your end customers, building their ideal bathrooms.


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