Modular hospital bathrooms
Modular bathrooms for HOSPITALS and CARE HOMES

The care due to the most vulnerable

Bathrooms used by the most vulnerable must be comfortable, practical, accessible and easy to clean and sanitise.

Projects like this require special attention at every stage, from design to the choice of materials.

Bathrooms in hospitals and nursing homes must meet a variety of needs: users include people with disabilities or mobility problems, or in-patients in psychiatric wards who need to be completely safe.

In clinical care facilities, the emphasis is on the design of internal mobility, which must be convenient for users: we have to allow for an extra person in the bathroom to help the guest or patient.

A dedicated approach for special users

Special users and special needs deserve a dedicated approach. Our aim is to come up with a bathroom concept that allows users to perform their routines in complete safety, incorporating special-purpose materials that guarantee durability, strength and ease of cleaning. The following materials are ideal for this type of bathroom:

  • Seamless coverings such as waterproof resinExtra space for carers
  • Accessories for the disabled such as grab rails and properly positioned sanitary fittings
  • Durable materials that aren't sharp or protruding.

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Modular solutions for facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes also offer financial benefits. The budget is decided and set before we start the work. Our delivery times are precise and our bathrooms are already fully compliant with standards and legislation when they arrive on site.

Eurocomponents is the first Italian modular concrete bathroom specialist to produce modular bathroom pods with the same attention to detail as a handcrafted product, providing skilled staff to manage every design or construction site need.

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