Modular bathrooms for interiors

Outstanding Industrial Design

No-one Believes They Are Mass-produced.

Optimised production systems, our experienced team  and a custom-oriented design service are the three strengths that made us the first company in Italy to produce modular bathroom pods with the same detailing as a handcrafted bathroom.

How a Eurocomponents Modular Bathroom Pod Takes Shape

Modular bathrooms for interiors
type of structure

Monolite concrete

Suitable for traditional building techniques and projects where strength is a priority and building floor screeds can support the weight.

  • Preparation of the mould
  • Layout of supply water and drainage pipes
  • Concrete pouring phase using the MONOBUILD construction system
  • Assembly of floor and walls
  • Tiling and mounting of interior equipment
  • REINFORCED CONCRETE Reinforced concrete pod, specific weight between 2.300 and 2.500 kg/m³
  • REINFORCED LIGHTWEIGHT CONCRETE Possibility to produce lightweight concrete of approx. 1.600 kg/m³
Modular bathrooms for interiors
type of structure

Monolite smart

Suitable for dry construction, with lighter slabs and environmentally-conscious building sites.

  • Galvanised metal frame structure
  • Gypsym fibre boards
  • Concrete floor base with possibility to use the DRYSTEP construction system
  • Electrical installations
  • Supply water and drainage pipes
  • Tiling and mounting of interior equipment
  • Galvanised metal frame structure
  • Lighter formula for buildings where weight optimisation is a priority.

Eurocomponents Methods

A strong motivation to simplify life on building sites led us to develop smart construction methods. Our research and development team found a way to make the modular structures safer and more durable by developing two innovative construction methods:


Monolite Concrete production method guaranteeing maximum robustness  thanks to continuity of the electrically-welded reinforcement mesh inside the module structure.


Monolite Smart production method which prevents water leakage and protects the metal structure against rust while maintaining the robustness of the structure.  
Modular bathrooms for interiors

Design step by step


Virtual 3D Design

A competent and experienced technical team takes charge of design and 3D rendering before we begin building the modular pods.

Mock-up Bathroom

Upon approved design drawings we produce a "sample bathroom" for your inspection and approval 


Upon approval of the mock-up bathroom the serial production can start.  The pods are produced using an assembly line production process combined with unique artisan chaftsmanship to achieve the most demanding architectural details.

Transport and Installation On Site.

We deliver the concrete or galvanised metal pods complete with all installations, sanitary ware, tiles and furnishing accessories. Lifting hooks fitted inside the structure facilitates transportation, handling and installation of the modular pods. Once on site, there are two different installation methods: lowering the pods from above using a crane or fitting them sideways using trolleys.

What is left to do on site

Once the modular pods have been installed inside the building, which can either be done from above using a crane or by inserting them sideways using trolleys, the only thing left to do is to connect the plumbing and electrical installations to the building's main supply.


From order confirmation to first delivery on site

Modular bathrooms for interiors
Examples of our best work

Industrialized craftsmanship
is our watchword

We listen, produce and deliver our modular bathroom pods on site and in time for consistently superior quality, with handcrafted details.