Eurocomponents modular bathroom pods
The modular revolution

Combining industrialised production with craftsmanship to create beautiful environments that change life on site.

Founded over 40 years ago, Eurocomponents had a vision: to simplify building sites and exploit all the advantages of an industrialised production without renouncing beauty and aesthetics. For us, that means freedom of design and craftsmanship.

This innovation has been revolutionising building processes since 1978.

After our first projects, we filed our first Italian patent for our MONOLITE modular pods in lightweight concrete. The first bathroom pods were made using construction techniques which have been refined and optimized by us over time, never ceasing to invest in research and technological development.

Since then, we have manufactured and installed more than 60.000 prefabricated pods and we ourselves have grown with each delivered product: more skills, more experience, more partnerships.

We went international and our modular bathrooms and kitchens have now been used in building projects in more than 20 countries. Today our team communicates with the world.

We are multicultural and know all about building regulations in the countries where we deliver our modular pods. We operate like the locally based companies, but with an international vision and the quality of Italian design and craftsmanship.


Flexibility is our biggest strength. Our long journey alongside designers, architects, construction companies and investors have taught us that industrial does not mean standard and therefore we decided to specialize in luxury pods for high-end projects.

Today we manufacture modular bathrooms both for projects where cost-efficiency and functionality are prioritised as well as high-end hotel chains and SPA hotels where great attention is put on design and customised solutions. 

We support local projects such as “Industriamoci”, promoted by Confindustria Brescia and sharing our dreams with secondary school students.

We care about the needs of people living in poverty, especially children, which is why we support Save The Children. We also support the Telethon Foundation’s goals and research to find a cure for rare genetic diseases and help to save lives.

We design environments that will make your customers happy because no hotel is hospitable, no home is warm and no clinic is reassuring without a welcoming bathroom.


Another revolution is waiting for us around the corner: we must face the challenge of sustainability. We began with a large 1 Megawatt photovoltaic system to power our production line.

We are working towards making our offices more environmentally friendly and provide healthy workspaces which benefit our employees.

The Team

We grew up as a family business and even today we continue to work as one family. The people who work in our team help create the value and excellence typical of our products and our working environment. The words that best describe us are: experience, integrity, authenticity and multiculturalism.

Sales team

Design team

Operations team