Modular bathrooms for sophisticated hotels

  • SITE: Turku
  • PODS: 196
  • YEAR: 2018/2019

Original Sokos Hotel Kupittaa

The sophisticated look created for this 4-star hotel is determined by the tile shape and laying pattern as well as a sophisticated combination of furniture and lighting. We supplied a total of 196 modular bathrooms to Finland’s largest construction company, YIT.

On the floor, we applied hexagonal black tiles, while the ceiling is painted dark grey. The wall tiles are black or white depending on the room type and they are laid vertically in a special pattern with alternate glossy and matte surfaces.

The shower cubicle in laminated glass with fuchsia coloured film breaks up the black and white theme and adds a touch of colour to the bathroom. The mirror is recessed into the tiles that stretch from wall to wall above a Solid Surface countertop with freestanding washbasin.

Special technical solutions
The bathrooms for disabled people incorporate tailor-made solutions so that the bathroom can be used as a standard bathroom and as a bathroom for users with mobility problems. A nightlight under the washbasin countertop is regulated by a ceiling-mounted motion sensor for greater safety.

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Our prefabricated bathroom is a module complete with fittings and accessories which is delivered to the building site ready to be installed and put into use. This technical guide, developed by our team of experts, will help you explore the world of prefabricated modules and find the right Monolite for your project.