Turnkey bathrooms

Turnkey service with no surprises

Achieving a quality result while meeting budgets and delivery times is not an everyday occurrence on construction sites.

We’ve been managing to do it for over 40 years, with more than 60,000 bathrooms delivered around the world. This has led to more experience, better methods and improved processes.

Modular means quality

Our prefabricated bathrooms can be fully customised to suit the project. They arrive at the construction site ready to be connected and put into operation. There’s nothing else to do.

Using prefabricated modules means exploiting all the advantages of efficient, standardised mass production, without compromising on final product quality. A hand-crafted finish showing attention to every detail will keep your customers happy, because no home or hotel is complete without a welcoming bathroom.


What to expect on a construction site?

Using MONOLITE modular parts allows investors to:

  • Be certain about costs at the time of ordering with no changes and price hikes
  • Meet the overall work budget
  • Stay on time
  • Get finished rooms that increase the overall value of the work
  • Maintain high quality
  • Choose the best finishes to suit the overall vision together with the designer

What we offer as a partner

Eurocomponents’ strengths are meeting set budgets and handcrafted product quality, from the first to the last finished bathroom.

Starting with our design service, you and the technical office handling the project will be supported by an in-house qualified and experienced technical team. First, you will see the bathrooms in 3-D, then we will make a sample bathroom before moving on to produce your order.

Optimised production systems and a customer-oriented staff means we can provide the right solution to meet every need. We are committed to delivering on time: we deliver from 16 weeks after order confirmation. We take care of the logistics and transport of the bathroom modules, which can be loaded onto trucks.

Once they arrive on site, they are unloaded and placed in the desired location using cranes (if they are lowered into place) or wheeled vehicles (if they are installed sideways). This is made possible by hooks embedded in the pod ceiling or floor, depending on the type of body: Monolite Concrete modules have hooks embedded in the ceiling, while Monolite Smart modules have hooks embedded in the floor.

We ensure after-sales service and technical support.

Turnkey bathrooms

Our prefabricated bathroom is a module complete with fittings and accessories which is delivered to the building site ready to be installed and put into use. 

This technical guide, developed by our team of experts, will help you explore the world of prefabricated modules and find the right Monolite for your project.

Turnkey bathrooms


Turnkey bathrooms
The combi bathroom and kitchen module can be made out of reinforced concrete (MONOLITE ® Concrete) or galvanised steel (MONOLITE® Smart) depending on the type of construction.
Turnkey bathrooms
Investor and planner can choose from a full array of finishes for tiles, washbasins, taps, sanitary ware, furniture and kitchen doors depending on the desired style, and they can rely on quality craftsmanship.
Turnkey bathrooms
Our knowledge of standards specific to the 20 plus countries we have worked with worldwide ensures our modular pods are always compliant, wherever they are located.
Turnkey bathrooms
Distances are not a problem: a skilled after-sales service with on-site support is available for support during and after installation of the modules, in Italy and abroad.


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