Modular bathrooms for hospitals

  • SITE: Rennaz, Switzerland
  • PODS: 185
  • YEAR: 2016

Patient-friendly solutions for rooms in the Hôpital Riviera-Chablais

The HRC Hôpital Riviera-Chablais is the hospital serving the Riviera and Chablais regions in Switzerland, located between the cantons of Vaud and Vallese. The HRC offers consultation and outpatient care, emergency services, acute care, and hospital and rehabilitation services.

Project details
Designing and constructing bathrooms for hospitals and care facilities is not a simple task: the wall and floor covering and the internal equipment must be in accordance with hygiene and functional requirements and must be extremely durable.

That is why a vinyl floor covering without joints was chosen for the Riviera-Chablais hospital.

The walls were covered with a glass paste mosaic tile and since the connection between the wall and floor needs to be completely watertight, we did not use the standard solution consisting of a perimetric fold up but a specific solution for this project.  

Accessibility was our watchword when designing the details of these bathrooms and great care went into arranging the sanitaryware and accessories (such as aid equipment and grab handles) in order to make the bathroom 100% designed for people with disabilities or motor difficulties.

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Our prefabricated bathroom is a module complete with fittings and accessories which is delivered to the building site ready to be installed and put into use. This technical guide, developed by our team of experts, will help you explore the world of prefabricated modules and find the right Monolite for your project.